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Saturday, November 05, 2005

BRAD & JEN: Where are they now?!?

Playing the Field!!! On October 24th, Jennifer Aniston presented Jake Gyllenhaal, star of the new film Jarhead, with the Breakthrough Actor of the Year statue at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards in Beverly Hills. Interestingly enough, eyewitnesses noted an intense attraction between the two. "Usually an honoree acknowledges the audience when he walks on stage, but Jake's gaze was locked on Jen."Even more important is that Jake actually requested Jen to be the one to present the award to him. Sources say that Jen, 36, and Jake, 24, have had a crush brewing since they met while filming the 2002 independent hit, The Good Girl. "Their attraction translated to the screen," says a source, who adds: "Jen has watched Jake's career and thinks he's an amazing catch and a level-headed guy." Plus, says another source, "she thinks he's the epitome of sexiness." (WOW, that's impressive considering she was married to THE BRAD PITT!!!) Jen even made sure to stop by Jake's favorite restaurant, Babbo, when she was in New York promoting her new movie, Derailed. Although Jake wasn't there that night, the restaurant is one of his steady NYC hangouts. "Jake is a good friend of the owner, chef Mario Batali," says a source. "He does prep work in the kitchen; that's how he unwinds." Additionally, there is speculation brewing that with the recent release of Jarhead, Jake's career may eventually eclipse that of Jen's ex, Brad Pitt-a fact that could pique Jen's interest. "She's always been attracted to success," says a source. What is even more surprising about the rumored Jen-Jake news is that Jake has had an on-again off-again relationship with Kirsten Dunst and Jen has recently talked about cohabiting with new beau Vince Vaughn. Friends of Jen say she isn't ready to settle on one man yet. "They don't have a structured commitment," says a source. "There are no rules- that's why they work well together!"


Brad and Angelina adopting tohether?!? At a fundraising event in NYC on October 24th, Angelina Jolie confirmed that she's planning to adopt more kids-very soon! In addition, sources say Brad Pitt is making it known that he hopes to officially be the dad of her future children. "Brad wants to adopt with Angelina. He wants a huge family, ideally six kids, and says he'd like to have them from around the world," says a friend of the actor. In the past, Star Magazine has reported that Angelina has been resistant to Brad adopting Maddox and Zahara. However, a friend says "Brad feels now that they will be marrying soon, there's no reason for him not to be the legal parent to any child she adopts from now on." Brad has certainly proven himself and says he already feels like a father to Maddox and Zahara. Anyone watching Brad on the beach, gently guiding Maddox along the water's edge, would have to agree.

AnD tHe DrAmA cOnTiNuEs........

Three Strikes You're Out!?! Apparently Denise Richards might be re-thinking her relationship with Charlie Sheen--again--after the couple took a break, then reconciled following the birth of their second baby, Lola, in June. Despite counseling and high hopes, Denise is worried again. According to Star Magazine, a source says, "She's really upset. Denise wanted it to work out between her and Charlie." Even though it appeared like Charlie was starting to change his old ways, having a reputation for being quite the "party boy," it seemed to have been very short lived. "Charlie was attentive and loving. They were even talking of renewing their vows this Christmas!" Unfortunately, it was only a short period of time until Charlie stopped being so sweet and Denise started to see glimpses of the Charlie she no longer wanted to be married to. For the sake of their kids, Charlie and Denise have vowed to keep working at things. However, sometimes enough is just enough. Time will only tell what that future holds for these two......

Tom Cruise: Meet Mr. Holmes--->Your Worst Nightmare!!! Apparently, Katie Holmes' lawyer father is playing hardball when it comes to his daughter's prenup negotiations with finance Tom Cruise. Martin Holmes, an attorney in Toledo, Ohio, is representing Katie and wants it written that his daughter will receive "a large lump sum payment in the millions if the marriage should dissolve before the five-year mark," a source tells Star Magazine. In addition, it has been rumored that while the Holmes family would never tell Katie if they thought her marriage was doomed from the get-go, they are however, pressuring her to hold out, not only to protect her interests, but those of her child.

Shape Up or Ship Out!!! One month after giving birth to baby Sean Preston, Britney Spears is telling husband, Kevin Federline, that he must change his ways or the marriage could be over. On October 20th, Britney took one month-old Sean Preston and flew home to Kentwood, Louisiana to share her sorrows with her mom, Lynne. According to Star Magazine, the causes of Britney's problems are twofold: Kevin does not seem to be taking his paternal duties-or his relationship with Britney-very seriously. Kevin has reportedly been quite the party-goer lately, hanging out at various clubs with his "boys," drinking and having a good time ipresencescence of other very attractive females, while Britney is home alone with the baby. Among the not so surprised at Kevin's father-of-the-year shortcomings include Shar Jackson, Kevin's ex and mother of his two other children, Kori, 3, and Kaleb, 1. "If Britney thinks a leopard can change its spots," Jackson told a friend, "she's wrong. Kevin always does what Kevin wants to do. He did it to me, and now he's doing it to her." Britney's mom, who gave her daughter some tough love advice had questioned Kevin's supportiveness while Britney was pregnant and told Britney to go back home and work things out. And that is exactly what she did. Sources say that "after Britney asked Kevin to start being more responsible for a new baby and a new wife, he asked Britney to forgive him. When he realized she meant business, he decided he better shape up-before Britney asked him to ship out."