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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Are the 'Newlyweds' About to be Divorced?!?

Apart Again!!! It seems there is trouble in paradise for the Newlywed stars Nick Lachey and Jessican Simpson. According to Us Magazine, on Saturday, October 15--less than 24 hours after their weeklong "everything-is-fine" vacation in Europe--the two opted to spend some quality time.....away from each other! Apparently, Simpson and a girlfriend went out on the town, hitting up the Chateau Marmont hotel. Jessica sipped wine and reportedly perked up when pal, Jackass alum Ryan Dunn, and his friends stopped by. "She was laughing at all his jokes and antics. She was clearly having a good time," says a fellow diner. After 1am Simpson retired--and spent the night at best friend and assistant CaCee Cobb's apartment in West Hollywood, where she had been seen earlier that day dropping off her bags and her Maltipoo day, Daisy. Where was hubby Nick? Attending a uBid for Hurrican Relief charity auction and benefit in Las Vagas, more than 200 miles away. His younger bro Drew Lachey was his date and when asked about the whereabouts of his wife, Nick told reporters that she had another obligation. Apparently, the trip was a brief stint of public relations togetherness sandwiched between months of animus that Simpson's father had arranged. Let's just take a look at some of the past events leading many to believe there is trouble brewing between the soon-to-be three-year Newlyweds:

  • Four days before their trip to Europe, Simpson celebrated sister Ashlee's 21st birthday in Las Vagas while Lachey was a no-show and apparently the "he was working" excuse proved later to be false.
  • When asked whether Simpson and Lachey were through, Simpson pal and Viva La Bam star Bam Margera confirmed to Us Magazine, "Yeah, they are. It's probably for the best."
  • A picture of the inside of Simpson and Lachey's car reveals a book entittled Dealing with People You Can't Stand.
  • Jessica has apparently become quite the drinker. The writer for Elle magazine, who interviewed Simpson for the August issue, noted that the singer/actress drank three glasses of pinot grigio during the interview.
  • A source says her assistant, Cobb, often brings a bottle of whiskey for them to nurse at clubs.
  • When asked the reason for Simpson's split, Margera joked, "Because she's such a drunk."
  • Simpson also reportedly downed two vodka cocktails while at lunch with some friends and took so many shots at her sister's birthday party that she spent the whole next day hung over in her hotel room.
  • According to psychologist Sarah Reagan, "Some people use alcohol to alter their mood or reduce anxiety."
  • Sleeping apart has become very much of a regular thing for the couple, a source close to Simpson comments, "She checks in sometimes by herself at the Standard Hotel [in L.A.] very late at night."

What Next?

For now, the couple are maintaining a low profile. It seems that "everything going on now is a publicity stunt engineered by her father," says a source close to the couple. In the meantime both Lachey and Simpson are making sure they wear their wedding rings and Simpson is even sporting her 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring in addition to her wedding band, just for emphasis. As of right now the two have not officially split and the rumors about their marriage ending are getting out of control. "If they are breaking up, they should consider putting out a statement, PR guru Howard Rubenstein tells Us Magazine. "Letting this linger doesn't help them," <---and most especially gossip obsessed people like myself! Personally, I am rooting for the two to stay together, mostly because if this one goes down the tubes I am going to be depressed and give up on relationships altogether!!! SaY wHat?!?

See what the stars are saying this week in Us Magazine:

Sandra Bullock:
"It's like reading material for me when I can't sleep." On husband Jesse James' tattoos

Jamie Fox:
"When he laughs sometimes he scares me. I'll tell him a joke, he'll start laughing too hard...and I'm like 'Hey man, what the f--k?'" On Tom Cruise

Kirsten Dunst:
"I was so young and it was so not a big deal to me! When I see Brad, it's like, 'Aww!' It brings back a sentimental thing." On kissing Brad Pitt in 1994's Interview with the Vampire


Jen meets mom! Finally public about their relationsip, Jennifer Aniston traveled home with Vince Vaughn to Lake Forest, Illinois, to meet his mother! Less than two months after Aniston, 36, and Vaughn, 35, made out at the Break Up wrap party at Chicago's House of Blue's, their on-set fling has turned into a full-fledged romance. Not only did Vaughn take the actress home to meet his mom, but the pair also shared a five-day, PDA-filled rendezvous in Chicago earlier that week. Check out what the two have said about each other:

  • "I adore Vince Vaughn...We've got to get to know each other." -Aniston in the September issue of Vanity Fair
  • "It's a flattering thing [being linked to Jennifer Aniston], and Jen's a great person." -Vaughn to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in September.
  • "Vince is my friend. I adore him. He's delicious and funny. He's got all the colors of the rainbow. But I don't want to be a rebound girl. I feel like it will happen when it happens." -Aniston in the November issue of Elle