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Friday, October 14, 2005

The GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY

Jake Comes Back Fighting!!! Ever since Kirsten Dunst had been flirting (and perhaps a little more) with Orlando Bloom, her formally "lackadaisical boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, has morphed into a picture perfect beau!" According to Star magazine, while Jake's heart is usually in the right place, he usually needs a little push to show his true feelings. After Kirsten's canoodling with Orlando at the MTV movie awards, Jake seems to have all the "push" he needs. Pre-Orlando rumors, Jake had been missing dates and showing up late. However, recently Jake purchased Kirsten a $10,000 bracelet, sent her a half a dozen bouquets of flowers and sent her a teddy bear to keep her company while she was at the Venice Film Festival. Kirsten, who is just loving all the attention says "Jake's pretty romantic when you give him a shove." After dating for two years and then splitting up in July 2004 and their rocky reconciliation in June 2005, it seems that the two are headed down a bumpy road. Jake better keep up the charm or else he just might lose his love......

Secret's Out! VERY pregnant Jennifer Garner had hoped to keep the sex of her baby a secret until her big day in November, however, it seems she might have let it slip out to Jay Leno. While appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show, Garner accidentally let it slip to the host-and everyone else- that she and hubby Ben Affleck are expecting a she. Jen was describing her growing bumb to Jay saying "I felt bigger and bigger like she....." then abruptly clipped her sentence short and covered her mouth as the crowd cheered. Oopps!!!!

Hilton: Down with the old and up with the new.....Now that she is done with Paris Latsis, Paris Hilton has apparently already moved on to Mary-Kate Olsen's billionaire boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. According to Star Magazine, the argument that lead to Paris and Paris' breakup was over Hilton calling Latsis a "pathetic mommy's boy" because he wouldn't stand up for her to his family. Just a few hours after announcing the couple's breakup and that she "was sad to announce" the end of her engagement to Latsis, Hilton was off partying up a storm at three Hollywood nightclubs showing no evidence of sadness. An eyewitness reports: "Paris danced on the table, flirted and drank lots of tequila with pineapple juice. She looked like she was celebrating something!" Hilton and hunk Stavros Niarchos III were first seen together on September 20th at a Teen Vogue party and showed up together the next night at L.A. club Mood where an eyewitness says, "they were talking closely and left together holding hands at 2 am." The couple has since traveled to New York, Miami, and L.A. together and were spotted kissing at Hollywood's Club Element on October 1st." A friend of Hilton also told Star Magazine, "She told me she's been sleeping with Stavros." Mary-Kate, who is probably blinded by love, refuses to believe any of this until she actually walks in on them and sees real evidence for herself. Poor, MK, that girl has enough on her plate--(well actually probably nothing since she doesn't appear to eat!)