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Saturday, October 08, 2005

HoW lOw WiLl ThEy Go....on the SCALE?!?!

Lately it seems that the new trend in Hollywood has become literally a "Battle of the Bones." Well-known celebrities seem to be competing with their peers to be the skinniest and while for some stars, dropping weight is great, for others it raises a red flag! How low will they go.......on the scale!?! Let's take a look at just a few well-known celebrity "feather-weights":

Nicole Richie: It's hard not to notice The Simple Life star's jutting bones. Most especially since the 5'2" and maybe 90 pounds (soaking wet) star loves to wear skimpy clothes that accentuate her bony frame. It is interesting to point out that Nicole has been to rehab for a drug addiction and although she might not abuse drugs anymore, the addictive-like behavior may have transferred into a weight-loss addiction.

Lindsay Lohan: We all have watched as Lindsay has transformed from a normal and curvy figure, to thinner, to even thinner, to skinny, and finally to a blonde-haired and bony frame. Apparently, Ms. Lohan has recently released a statement saying that she was wrong to abuse her body in that manner and hopes that others learn from her mistake. It has also been reported that she has also hired a trainer to help her put on some healthy pounds.

Hillary Duff: For the longest time I would say to myself I am so glad that Ms. Lizzie McGuire hasn't succumbed to the stick-thin craze going on in Hollywood. However, I recently have eaten my words as I have noticed that Hillary has also caught the "let's see how skinny I can get" disease. She has definitely slimed down a noticeable amount and I just hope that she doesn't get any thinner.

Teri Hatcher: The Desperate Housewife star has touted herself as being living proof that you don't have to be "blonde and 20" to make it in Hollywood. However, it seems she is sending another message to starlets that to be more successful, they have to be very thin. Hatcher admitted that if she wasn't an actress she wouldn't even walk into a gym and that she does feel pressure to look her absolute best. According to Dr. Lieberman as reported in Star Magazine, "All the cat fighting on and off set leads to competition. Perhaps to prove she deserves to be paid the most, she has to be the thinnest."

Nicole Kidman: Although she has always been tall and thin, it seems lately that Nicole is almost unhealthily-looking thin. Friends of the star say that she met with a trainer and nutritionist this summer to "add some healthy pounds" to her body. However, in my opinion, it looks like Nicole has a way to go (and should reconsider hiring a new trainer and nutritionist!!!) and could definitely benefit from about 5 to 7 more pounds to look healthier. The prominent bones across her chest and neck are a telling sign that she needs to gain some weight.

Renee Zellweger: We have all watched as the Bridget Jones star has had her ups and downs-in weight (and love too!). The drastic changes in her body fat and her overall weight can in no way be healthy and good for her body in the long run. I read in a magazine that while she was gaining weight for her role in Bridget Jones, as well as for the sequel, her diet consisted of Big Macs from McDonald's followed by pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in one sitting! For her sake, I hope that there are no more Bridget Jones movies or any other roles for Renee that would require her to pack on the pounds.

Kate Hudson: The Skeleton Key star is looking, well, skeletal! The normally curvy 26-year-old has seemed to have recently dropped at least 15 pounds from her 5'6" frame bringing her down to a bony 105 pounds! And to think that she just recently gave birth! The usually stylish starlet also seems to be hiding her body under baggy clothes, something that women with a distorted body image often do in an attempt to disguise what they perceive as an imperfect [fat] figure.

Mary-Kate Olsen: MK....oh MK! I really don't know what to say anymore about Mary-Kate Olsen. It seems that more than a year after "coming out" about her eating disorder and undergoing medical care for her illness, Mary-Kate looks NO DIFFERENT and appears to have made no progress. I mean come on now! Even though she tries to hide it under her excessively baggy and grunge-looking clothes, the girl is whittling away to nothing! One day she is just going to freakin disappear!


TomKat Jr.?!? Yes, apparently it is true. Katie Holmes is in fact pregnant with Tom Cruise's child. The couple recently came out of the closet with news that Katie is pregnant, however, no other information has been released regarding how far along she is. Also happening on the planet of TomKat: Wedding War?!? According to Star Magazine, tension is brewing as the two love birds tussle over some important wedding details. First up is where to have the wedding: USA vs. Mexico? Tom reportedly wants to have a ceremony at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angelos. "He is a die hard Scientologist," says an insider. "I think he wants Katie to be be a part of his belief system." Katie on the other hand, wants to have a wedding south of the border. An insider tells Star that Katie has her heart set on the Marona Resort and Spa, on Mexico's Yucatan Pennisula. Next item for discussion is Scientoloy vs. Catholicism. We all know, especially after watching that riveting interview with Matt Lauer, that Tom is a die hard Scientologist. Miss Holmes, while she has been to the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center with Tom, was raised Catholic and her parents, Martin, a lawyer, and Kathy, a homemaker, are both devout Catholics. According to Star Magazine, Martin is very skeptical about his future son-in-law's controversial faith. When asked by a reported what he thought of Scientology, he said, "I don't believe in it!" We all know how dedicated Katie is to her Tommy, already declaring that she will change her name to Kate Cruise. Personally, I am wondering what came first: the engagement or the pregnancy......or the engagement because of the pregnancy! Who knows! All I can say is that I have had just about enough of TomKat!!!!!

Lil' Kim headed to the BIG HOUSE?!? Yes, I shit you not! Rapper Lil' Kim will serve a year and one day in prison for perjury. And what does a celebrity rapper do the night before she heads to the big house?......throws herself a big bash of course!!! As reported in Star Magazine, the rapper, who's real name is Kimberly Jones, partied with 500 friends and sipped Cristal champagne into the early morning on September 19 at NYC nightclub PM with friends including singer Mary J. Blige and SNL funnyman Kenan Thompson. Later that morning she left for the tough Federal Detention Center in downtown Philadelphia.

Are Lindsay and Wilmar Back On?!? Apparently Lindsay Lohan hooked up with her ex-flame, Wilmer Valderama, at two Hollywood night clubs and later spent the night at his house. Although they split last November after Wilmer grew tired of Miss Lohan's "wild ways," on Friday September 23, old flames were rekindled as the pair made stops at club LAX and after-hours club Xenii, where they locked lips for some time in a reportedly "hot-and-steamy" make-out session. This is the first time the two have been seen liplocking since they split last fall.


Kirsten Dunst tried to do the right thing and call Kate Bosworth to explain that despite reports of flirting, she and Kate's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, are nothing more than friends. And Kate's response? She told Dunst that she could have him if she wanted him!

Apparently Charlie Sheen is wending his way back into estranged wife Denise Richards' heart-but not her bedroom yet! A friend of the couple told Star that Denise isn't ready to consummate their reconciliation. "There haven't been any sleep overs," says the insider, "but it's something Charlie is working toward."