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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Britney Spears is a new mom! According to US Weekly Magazine, Spears gave birth to a baby boy shortly before 1pm at the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, today, Wednesday, September 14th, 2005. As of right now the baby is not officially named, but sources tell the magazine they had planned to name the child Preston Michael Spears Federline. If you want to find out more information visit the US Weekly Magazine website.

Orlando Bloom and.......Kirsten Dunst!?! Yes, apparently it's true! According to Star magazine, Orlando has been secretly infatuated with Kirsten for months! "He wants her really badly," says a friend. On-screen, the two play lovers who meet on the way to a funeral in the romantic comedy Elizabethtown due out October 14. Off-screen, their chemistry has been heating up! An eyewitness tells Star that he saw the two getting hot and heavy in The Raleigh hotel pool hours after the MTV Video Music Awards show."It was shocking! Everyone was watching them, but they carried on making out regardless," reports the eyewitness.........I know what you are probably thinking: What about their significant others?!? Bloom has had an on again, off again relationship with Kate Bosworth for the past three years and personally I think they make quite a cute couple! Dunst had also recently reunited with ex Jake Gyllenhaal after breaking off their nearly two year romance in July 2004 (at the same time she began filming Elizabethtown with Orlando for three months!). This love affair brings two names to my mind.....Brad and Angelina!!!....Their hot and heavy on-screen romance in Mr. and Mrs. Smith turned into an off-screen relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McConaughy?!? According to Star, Matthew McConaughy and Penelope Cruz might be walking down the aisle in the near future! The two met while filming the 2005 action flick Sahara and have been officially dating since last March. Matthew has apparently been telling his friends that he is ready to be a dad and he wants Penelope to be the mother of his children. He has already told his mother and Penelope has told her family that they are planning to marry. They are looking at Christmas time if not earlier to have their wedding.

Kate Cruise!?! Katie Holmes is saying good-bye to her old name and hello to Kate Cruise as she prepares to marry Tom Cruise. "Tom calls her Kate, so he suggested she start going by that professionally," an insider says. According to In Touch magazine, Katie, who claims to be saving her virginity until she's married (haha, yeah right!), is very old fashioned and wanted to do the one thing that Tom's previous wives never did-take his last name......I don't know about anyone else but this relationship makes me nauseous! Changing her name to "Katie Cruise" is just more fuel to the fire of the ever so annoying "TomKat" saga!


  • At Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:33:00 PM, Blogger merr said…

    I didn't realize Britney was ready to pop anyday! I'm sure it won't be long before the tabloids have the baby's picture on the front page. The website I read earlier today said they believe Britney and her baby are both hearlthy which is good to hear. As far as Katie Holmes is concerned, I give her credit for taking Cruise as a last name because not many Hollywood wives do that. I'm not surprised though because they seem head over heels for each other. Kate is a cute name but America knows her as Katie, the girl next door. I guess a name change will help her rid her Dawson's Creek days. Kirsten Dunst is so cute ! It's amazing how so many people that do movies together end up dating. Penelope Cruz is also such a talented beautiful actress and she would be a gorgeous bride especially in a winter wedding.

  • At Wednesday, September 14, 2005 11:30:00 PM, Blogger katie said…

    Haha...I love celebrity gossip. Especially all of the relationship dramas! So I heard about Britney this morning on the radio, I'm so glad she has finally had her baby and hopefully the tabloids can shut up about her being so fat. I listen to Q102 in the mornings and a few weeks ago listeners could call in about comments that Christina Aguilera made about how fat Britt was getting. She allegedly said that Britney Spears will never be the pop princess that she thought she once was and that her fatness is so nasty. My take on that comment is...HELLOOOOO Britney Spears is pregnant. She is surrounded by the media 24/7 and has always had a hot bod...why not let it go for a few months while she is carrying a baby. Good for her. And you know she will have all of the weight back off in a few months, Im sure she has a little bit of extra cash for a weight trainer! As for "TomKat" I'm still unsure how I feel about their relationship. I thought it was cute at first because I really love Katie Holmes, but Tom has just gone way off the deep end lately! And Kirsten and Orlando should never make the mistake of cheating on their significant others, I mean the media follows them around everywhere...did they really think that no one would see them? Who knows if its true or not though. Thanks for the celebrity gossip...I'm lovin' the pics too!

  • At Sunday, September 18, 2005 2:50:00 PM, Blogger Kara said…

    I admit... I'm a celebrity gossip junky too! I can't believe the new Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise drama. I understand taking his last name (even though I give the relationship less than two years) but changing your first name because he calls you Kate?? Please. I definitely agree with you that it's all about the drama with those two. I saw Wanda Sykes in Monster-In-Law and she was hysterical!! I wish I had caught her on Jay Leno. I LOVE Kirsten Dunst and I think her and Orlando would make a cute couple! I’m dying to see Elizabethtown; it’s supposed to be great! I can totally see Matthew McConaughy being an father of the year too! I also can’t wait for the Emmy’s tonight. It should be a great show filled with fashion disasters and surprises. I know the very pregnant Jennifer Garner is the favorite for lead actress but I’m hoping Mariska Harigtay walks away with the Emmy.

  • At Sunday, September 25, 2005 9:29:00 PM, Blogger Jessica said…

    I think that Matthew and Penelope make a cute couple. That would definately be one wedding that I would want to attend. I just know that she is going to be goegeous and he probably won't look too bad either.

    I don't know how I feel about Katie Holmes changing her name to Kate Cruise. Everyone knows her as Katie Holmes and for her to change that would probably be a bad career move. Especially since relationships in Hollywood never last that long. What will she do if they break up? Change back to the original name again. It will definately confuse people.

    I'm actually excited to see a picture of Britney's baby. I bet that he's adorable. I'm glad that she is healthy. I actually think that she will make a good mom.

  • At Monday, September 26, 2005 2:12:00 PM, Blogger Tara Raphael said…

    I can't believe that Britney Spears has a baby. I was glad to hear that he has a normal name than some of Hollywood's other new children, remember Apple?! I can't wait to see Elizabethtown when it opens. Cameron Crowe has done great movies in the past, Almost Famous and Jerry Meguire, I think this one will be really good. With Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst in it along with Susan Sarrandon, I'm excited. Katie Holmes has lost her mind. What happened to the days of Joey Potter, I think the whole Tom Cruise is ridiculous. Plus, I think he needs to learn to shut his mouth in public, ie, when talking about Brooke Shields and her post pardum depression.


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