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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oh BoY! oR gIrL!

Baby on Board?!? Just 14 days after the birth of daughter Matilda Rose, engaged twosome, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams took their baby out to see the world. "They seemed so happy with the baby," an onlooker tells Us Magazine. "They didn't even seem stressed at all." The couple, who costar in December's Brokeback Mountain, even browsed through an antique store before hopping into a cab. Recent remarks from Williams indicates she's finding domesticity just blissful. She comments, "I'm really happy with things the way they are right now." First of all let me just say, WHOA! I had no idea these two were dating let alone expecting a child and to top it all off the baby has already popped out of the oven!!! With all the gossip about all the celebs in Hollywood being pregnant, not once did I hear the name Michelle Williams or see a photo of her in a tabloid magazine trashing her for how much weight she has gained blah blah blah (like they seem to do for everyone else!)

Teenage Witch Star Expexting a Boy!!! Melissa Joan Hart, star of Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, tells Us Magazine that she is expecting a baby boy with her husband of two years, Mark Wilkerson. And apparently, this little bundle of joy has already cast a spell on them! "It has been amazing from the day we found out. It just renews your romance in a whole different way," says the actress and budding director. And Hart says the support of her husband, singer for the rock trio Course of Nature, has been magical too. "He reads to my belly," she gushes. "He rubs cocoa butter on my belly every night. [And] if the baby is kicking too much, he has a little talk with him."

Moore and Braff Together On and Off the Set!!! Mandy Moore is set to appear in two episodes of Scrubs, the NBC comedy that stars her beau of more than one year, Zach Braff. "I haven't shot it yet," she tells Us Magazine of her 2006 role as his blind date. But Braff, whose big screen directing debut, Garden State, won an independent Spirit Award and a Grammy, will most definately be able to give her some pointers. Moore comments, "I am sure he'll be very helpful in terms of coaching!"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

GuEsS wHo?!?

Guess who this is? All grown up and attending the XBox 360 premiere in Beverly Hills, it's
Jonathan Lipniki, the cute little boy from Jerry Maguire! I came across this pic and couldn't believe how old he has gotten, but he is still a cutie!!! Click here for more pictures!

Fools Rush In?!?

Kimberly Stewart Engaged to Laguna Beach Star!!! According to People Magazine, socialilte Kimberly Stewart is engaged to Talan Torriero from MTV's Laguna Beach. The 26-year-old daughter of rocker Rod Stewart and Talan have been dating for two months (I'll bet money this one folds in a month!). Apparently the couple made their first public appearance together Wednesday night at the XBox 360 event in Beverly Hills, where Stewart showed off her 5-carat diamond Neil Lane engagement ring to buddies Paris and Nicky Hilton. Stewart who recently split from Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis is rumored to be replacing Nicole Richie on Fox's The Simple Life. She was previously engaged to muscian Cisco Adler back in autumn of 2004. No word yet on a wedding date for Kimberly and Talan. Now those of you who watched the recent Mudslide Charity event on Laguna Beach will get a chuckle out of this one: This past September, Talan told MTV News that he is doing an album but he was not able to say what label he was with because it's a really big label push. He goes on to say,"I've been acting since I was young. Now I get to take what I'm doing and what skills I have and use it to my advantage.

Trouble in Paris-adise!!! (I know I know that was super corny) It has definately been a bad week for Paris Hilton. First there was that late night fender bender with beau Stavros Niarchos trying to drive with a jacket over his head. Now, Star Magazine is reporting that things are splitsville for Hilton and her billion-heir beau. The last straw: the $100,000 bill Stavros had to shovel out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for trashing his hotel room. Paris reportedly was hanging out with Kelly Osborne upstairs in Stavros' suite when a pillow fight got out of hand (how old are we now?!?) Somehow in the midst of all the feathers a table was thrown and a sprinkler head was broken triggering hotel water works and forcing other guests to evacuate early in the morning on November 13th. Rumor has it that Stavros has finally gotten fed up with Paris' "party hard like rock stars" mentality. Also, papa Phillip Niarchos has completely cut off Stavros' allowance until he dumps Paris.


Tom Cruise Buys Holmes a Jet?
According to Hollywood.com, Tom Cruise has reportedly bought his pregnant financee Katie Holmes her own $20 million jet as a wedding present. According to an insider, "Tom wanted to come up with the most amazing wedding gift ever, something that would make her life so much better than a big diamond ring on her finger."

Saturday, November 05, 2005

BRAD & JEN: Where are they now?!?

Playing the Field!!! On October 24th, Jennifer Aniston presented Jake Gyllenhaal, star of the new film Jarhead, with the Breakthrough Actor of the Year statue at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards in Beverly Hills. Interestingly enough, eyewitnesses noted an intense attraction between the two. "Usually an honoree acknowledges the audience when he walks on stage, but Jake's gaze was locked on Jen."Even more important is that Jake actually requested Jen to be the one to present the award to him. Sources say that Jen, 36, and Jake, 24, have had a crush brewing since they met while filming the 2002 independent hit, The Good Girl. "Their attraction translated to the screen," says a source, who adds: "Jen has watched Jake's career and thinks he's an amazing catch and a level-headed guy." Plus, says another source, "she thinks he's the epitome of sexiness." (WOW, that's impressive considering she was married to THE BRAD PITT!!!) Jen even made sure to stop by Jake's favorite restaurant, Babbo, when she was in New York promoting her new movie, Derailed. Although Jake wasn't there that night, the restaurant is one of his steady NYC hangouts. "Jake is a good friend of the owner, chef Mario Batali," says a source. "He does prep work in the kitchen; that's how he unwinds." Additionally, there is speculation brewing that with the recent release of Jarhead, Jake's career may eventually eclipse that of Jen's ex, Brad Pitt-a fact that could pique Jen's interest. "She's always been attracted to success," says a source. What is even more surprising about the rumored Jen-Jake news is that Jake has had an on-again off-again relationship with Kirsten Dunst and Jen has recently talked about cohabiting with new beau Vince Vaughn. Friends of Jen say she isn't ready to settle on one man yet. "They don't have a structured commitment," says a source. "There are no rules- that's why they work well together!"


Brad and Angelina adopting tohether?!? At a fundraising event in NYC on October 24th, Angelina Jolie confirmed that she's planning to adopt more kids-very soon! In addition, sources say Brad Pitt is making it known that he hopes to officially be the dad of her future children. "Brad wants to adopt with Angelina. He wants a huge family, ideally six kids, and says he'd like to have them from around the world," says a friend of the actor. In the past, Star Magazine has reported that Angelina has been resistant to Brad adopting Maddox and Zahara. However, a friend says "Brad feels now that they will be marrying soon, there's no reason for him not to be the legal parent to any child she adopts from now on." Brad has certainly proven himself and says he already feels like a father to Maddox and Zahara. Anyone watching Brad on the beach, gently guiding Maddox along the water's edge, would have to agree.

AnD tHe DrAmA cOnTiNuEs........

Three Strikes You're Out!?! Apparently Denise Richards might be re-thinking her relationship with Charlie Sheen--again--after the couple took a break, then reconciled following the birth of their second baby, Lola, in June. Despite counseling and high hopes, Denise is worried again. According to Star Magazine, a source says, "She's really upset. Denise wanted it to work out between her and Charlie." Even though it appeared like Charlie was starting to change his old ways, having a reputation for being quite the "party boy," it seemed to have been very short lived. "Charlie was attentive and loving. They were even talking of renewing their vows this Christmas!" Unfortunately, it was only a short period of time until Charlie stopped being so sweet and Denise started to see glimpses of the Charlie she no longer wanted to be married to. For the sake of their kids, Charlie and Denise have vowed to keep working at things. However, sometimes enough is just enough. Time will only tell what that future holds for these two......

Tom Cruise: Meet Mr. Holmes--->Your Worst Nightmare!!! Apparently, Katie Holmes' lawyer father is playing hardball when it comes to his daughter's prenup negotiations with finance Tom Cruise. Martin Holmes, an attorney in Toledo, Ohio, is representing Katie and wants it written that his daughter will receive "a large lump sum payment in the millions if the marriage should dissolve before the five-year mark," a source tells Star Magazine. In addition, it has been rumored that while the Holmes family would never tell Katie if they thought her marriage was doomed from the get-go, they are however, pressuring her to hold out, not only to protect her interests, but those of her child.

Shape Up or Ship Out!!! One month after giving birth to baby Sean Preston, Britney Spears is telling husband, Kevin Federline, that he must change his ways or the marriage could be over. On October 20th, Britney took one month-old Sean Preston and flew home to Kentwood, Louisiana to share her sorrows with her mom, Lynne. According to Star Magazine, the causes of Britney's problems are twofold: Kevin does not seem to be taking his paternal duties-or his relationship with Britney-very seriously. Kevin has reportedly been quite the party-goer lately, hanging out at various clubs with his "boys," drinking and having a good time ipresencescence of other very attractive females, while Britney is home alone with the baby. Among the not so surprised at Kevin's father-of-the-year shortcomings include Shar Jackson, Kevin's ex and mother of his two other children, Kori, 3, and Kaleb, 1. "If Britney thinks a leopard can change its spots," Jackson told a friend, "she's wrong. Kevin always does what Kevin wants to do. He did it to me, and now he's doing it to her." Britney's mom, who gave her daughter some tough love advice had questioned Kevin's supportiveness while Britney was pregnant and told Britney to go back home and work things out. And that is exactly what she did. Sources say that "after Britney asked Kevin to start being more responsible for a new baby and a new wife, he asked Britney to forgive him. When he realized she meant business, he decided he better shape up-before Britney asked him to ship out."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Are the 'Newlyweds' About to be Divorced?!?

Apart Again!!! It seems there is trouble in paradise for the Newlywed stars Nick Lachey and Jessican Simpson. According to Us Magazine, on Saturday, October 15--less than 24 hours after their weeklong "everything-is-fine" vacation in Europe--the two opted to spend some quality time.....away from each other! Apparently, Simpson and a girlfriend went out on the town, hitting up the Chateau Marmont hotel. Jessica sipped wine and reportedly perked up when pal, Jackass alum Ryan Dunn, and his friends stopped by. "She was laughing at all his jokes and antics. She was clearly having a good time," says a fellow diner. After 1am Simpson retired--and spent the night at best friend and assistant CaCee Cobb's apartment in West Hollywood, where she had been seen earlier that day dropping off her bags and her Maltipoo day, Daisy. Where was hubby Nick? Attending a uBid for Hurrican Relief charity auction and benefit in Las Vagas, more than 200 miles away. His younger bro Drew Lachey was his date and when asked about the whereabouts of his wife, Nick told reporters that she had another obligation. Apparently, the trip was a brief stint of public relations togetherness sandwiched between months of animus that Simpson's father had arranged. Let's just take a look at some of the past events leading many to believe there is trouble brewing between the soon-to-be three-year Newlyweds:

  • Four days before their trip to Europe, Simpson celebrated sister Ashlee's 21st birthday in Las Vagas while Lachey was a no-show and apparently the "he was working" excuse proved later to be false.
  • When asked whether Simpson and Lachey were through, Simpson pal and Viva La Bam star Bam Margera confirmed to Us Magazine, "Yeah, they are. It's probably for the best."
  • A picture of the inside of Simpson and Lachey's car reveals a book entittled Dealing with People You Can't Stand.
  • Jessica has apparently become quite the drinker. The writer for Elle magazine, who interviewed Simpson for the August issue, noted that the singer/actress drank three glasses of pinot grigio during the interview.
  • A source says her assistant, Cobb, often brings a bottle of whiskey for them to nurse at clubs.
  • When asked the reason for Simpson's split, Margera joked, "Because she's such a drunk."
  • Simpson also reportedly downed two vodka cocktails while at lunch with some friends and took so many shots at her sister's birthday party that she spent the whole next day hung over in her hotel room.
  • According to psychologist Sarah Reagan, "Some people use alcohol to alter their mood or reduce anxiety."
  • Sleeping apart has become very much of a regular thing for the couple, a source close to Simpson comments, "She checks in sometimes by herself at the Standard Hotel [in L.A.] very late at night."

What Next?

For now, the couple are maintaining a low profile. It seems that "everything going on now is a publicity stunt engineered by her father," says a source close to the couple. In the meantime both Lachey and Simpson are making sure they wear their wedding rings and Simpson is even sporting her 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring in addition to her wedding band, just for emphasis. As of right now the two have not officially split and the rumors about their marriage ending are getting out of control. "If they are breaking up, they should consider putting out a statement, PR guru Howard Rubenstein tells Us Magazine. "Letting this linger doesn't help them," <---and most especially gossip obsessed people like myself! Personally, I am rooting for the two to stay together, mostly because if this one goes down the tubes I am going to be depressed and give up on relationships altogether!!! SaY wHat?!?

See what the stars are saying this week in Us Magazine:

Sandra Bullock:
"It's like reading material for me when I can't sleep." On husband Jesse James' tattoos

Jamie Fox:
"When he laughs sometimes he scares me. I'll tell him a joke, he'll start laughing too hard...and I'm like 'Hey man, what the f--k?'" On Tom Cruise

Kirsten Dunst:
"I was so young and it was so not a big deal to me! When I see Brad, it's like, 'Aww!' It brings back a sentimental thing." On kissing Brad Pitt in 1994's Interview with the Vampire


Jen meets mom! Finally public about their relationsip, Jennifer Aniston traveled home with Vince Vaughn to Lake Forest, Illinois, to meet his mother! Less than two months after Aniston, 36, and Vaughn, 35, made out at the Break Up wrap party at Chicago's House of Blue's, their on-set fling has turned into a full-fledged romance. Not only did Vaughn take the actress home to meet his mom, but the pair also shared a five-day, PDA-filled rendezvous in Chicago earlier that week. Check out what the two have said about each other:

  • "I adore Vince Vaughn...We've got to get to know each other." -Aniston in the September issue of Vanity Fair
  • "It's a flattering thing [being linked to Jennifer Aniston], and Jen's a great person." -Vaughn to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in September.
  • "Vince is my friend. I adore him. He's delicious and funny. He's got all the colors of the rainbow. But I don't want to be a rebound girl. I feel like it will happen when it happens." -Aniston in the November issue of Elle

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

TomKat Expecting a Kitten?!?

As much as I hate to talk about this topic, it's hard to avoid....Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, not only soon to be married, but soon to be parents! On October 5, the couple nicknamed "TomKat" announced that "a kitten is on the way!"( I know that sounded so cheezy!!!) It is almost as if they had no choice but to announce the news because Katie is already beginning to show that "wow she's-definitely-pregnant-tummy." Although the couple have not disclosed a due date, it is obviously clear that she is far enough along to be significantly showing. Interestingly enough, when People Magazine asked Holmes in June if they were planning to have children, she smiled and replied "yes" (she was probably already pregnant then!!!). Tom is no newbie to fatherhood with two children already, Isabella and Conner (10 years old), whom Cruise adopted as infants with ex-wife Nicole Kidman (FYI: The daughter of a lady that my mom works with is Nicole Kidman's personal babysitter for the children when they are staying with her!!! Craziness!!!). Now I don't know about everyone else, but I am seriously curious what Chris Kline, Katie's ex, has to say about all of this?!? The couple dated for FIVE years and broke off their engagement last March. Ms. Holmes obviously moved on very quickly meeting Cruise in April and getting engaged barely two months later!!! According to People Magazine, Kline has no hard feelings for his former fiance. "We grew up," says the 26 year old actor. "The fantasy was over and reality set in. We weren't lighting each other's fires anymore." Kline is currently single and told People Magazine that Holmes and him no longer speak. When asked what he thought about Cruise's gymnastic declarations of love for Holmes, Kline commented, "That's Tom. He can do whatever the f--- he wants...I mean, we've all felt the need to jump up and down on a couch. Or not!"

Hear NO more!?! On May 23, rapper Foxy Brown awoke to complete silence. Now, some of you have probably forgotten what it is like wake up and hear no noise at all, but to Brown, there was something eerie about the quiet television that she remembered had been blaring when she fell asleep. She never recalled turning off the television or even muting it, however, no sound seemed to be coming from it. "I pressed the volume up to 60. Nothing," says Brown in the latest People Magazine. "I ran outside to my truck and honked the horn. Nothing. I ran back inside and dialed a number on the phone. Nothing. Then I started breaking down in tears and screaming and I couldn't even hear myself scream. That's when I knew there was a problem" (Page 85, People Magazine Oct. 24th issue). Apparently, Brown is suffering from what is known as severe sudden sensorineural hearing loss which is a little understood condition that affects one in 10,000 people without warning. According to her doctor "her case is severe. In only 1 or 2 percent of the cases both ears are affected." Brown has admittedly been in denial for the last four months but is recently speaking out about her condition and coming to terms with the devastating reality of it. If you check out the latest Oct. 24th issue of People Magazine you can read more about Brown's story and how she is coping with the loss of hearing.

The Simple Life has gotten a little complicated! Apparently last Wednesday, Fox announced that they had no room for Paris Hilton's reality series on its network and canceled The Simple Life. However, this past Monday, the heiress everyone loves to hate, Paris Hilton, announced that the show is still set to start filming its fourth season next month. Hilton reportedly told an Associated Press reporter that "we're shooting November 1." And she goes on to add "All the networks are fighting over it" (Personally, when I heard this I thought the girl had to be on crack!!!). Sources close to the production confirmed that production is to begin shortly and that both Hilton and her sidekick, Nicole Richie, are under contract. Apparently, or rather shockingly, Hilton was right, the show is being fought over by networks including the WB, NBC, MTV and even VH1. All of the hype over the cancellation of the show was due to an Us Weekly report last week saying that the series was canceled in part because of the feud between Hilton and Richie. All I can say is that Hilton gets way too much attention in the media and Nicole needs to bulk up!

Friday, October 14, 2005

The GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY

Jake Comes Back Fighting!!! Ever since Kirsten Dunst had been flirting (and perhaps a little more) with Orlando Bloom, her formally "lackadaisical boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, has morphed into a picture perfect beau!" According to Star magazine, while Jake's heart is usually in the right place, he usually needs a little push to show his true feelings. After Kirsten's canoodling with Orlando at the MTV movie awards, Jake seems to have all the "push" he needs. Pre-Orlando rumors, Jake had been missing dates and showing up late. However, recently Jake purchased Kirsten a $10,000 bracelet, sent her a half a dozen bouquets of flowers and sent her a teddy bear to keep her company while she was at the Venice Film Festival. Kirsten, who is just loving all the attention says "Jake's pretty romantic when you give him a shove." After dating for two years and then splitting up in July 2004 and their rocky reconciliation in June 2005, it seems that the two are headed down a bumpy road. Jake better keep up the charm or else he just might lose his love......

Secret's Out! VERY pregnant Jennifer Garner had hoped to keep the sex of her baby a secret until her big day in November, however, it seems she might have let it slip out to Jay Leno. While appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show, Garner accidentally let it slip to the host-and everyone else- that she and hubby Ben Affleck are expecting a she. Jen was describing her growing bumb to Jay saying "I felt bigger and bigger like she....." then abruptly clipped her sentence short and covered her mouth as the crowd cheered. Oopps!!!!

Hilton: Down with the old and up with the new.....Now that she is done with Paris Latsis, Paris Hilton has apparently already moved on to Mary-Kate Olsen's billionaire boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. According to Star Magazine, the argument that lead to Paris and Paris' breakup was over Hilton calling Latsis a "pathetic mommy's boy" because he wouldn't stand up for her to his family. Just a few hours after announcing the couple's breakup and that she "was sad to announce" the end of her engagement to Latsis, Hilton was off partying up a storm at three Hollywood nightclubs showing no evidence of sadness. An eyewitness reports: "Paris danced on the table, flirted and drank lots of tequila with pineapple juice. She looked like she was celebrating something!" Hilton and hunk Stavros Niarchos III were first seen together on September 20th at a Teen Vogue party and showed up together the next night at L.A. club Mood where an eyewitness says, "they were talking closely and left together holding hands at 2 am." The couple has since traveled to New York, Miami, and L.A. together and were spotted kissing at Hollywood's Club Element on October 1st." A friend of Hilton also told Star Magazine, "She told me she's been sleeping with Stavros." Mary-Kate, who is probably blinded by love, refuses to believe any of this until she actually walks in on them and sees real evidence for herself. Poor, MK, that girl has enough on her plate--(well actually probably nothing since she doesn't appear to eat!)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

HoW lOw WiLl ThEy Go....on the SCALE?!?!

Lately it seems that the new trend in Hollywood has become literally a "Battle of the Bones." Well-known celebrities seem to be competing with their peers to be the skinniest and while for some stars, dropping weight is great, for others it raises a red flag! How low will they go.......on the scale!?! Let's take a look at just a few well-known celebrity "feather-weights":

Nicole Richie: It's hard not to notice The Simple Life star's jutting bones. Most especially since the 5'2" and maybe 90 pounds (soaking wet) star loves to wear skimpy clothes that accentuate her bony frame. It is interesting to point out that Nicole has been to rehab for a drug addiction and although she might not abuse drugs anymore, the addictive-like behavior may have transferred into a weight-loss addiction.

Lindsay Lohan: We all have watched as Lindsay has transformed from a normal and curvy figure, to thinner, to even thinner, to skinny, and finally to a blonde-haired and bony frame. Apparently, Ms. Lohan has recently released a statement saying that she was wrong to abuse her body in that manner and hopes that others learn from her mistake. It has also been reported that she has also hired a trainer to help her put on some healthy pounds.

Hillary Duff: For the longest time I would say to myself I am so glad that Ms. Lizzie McGuire hasn't succumbed to the stick-thin craze going on in Hollywood. However, I recently have eaten my words as I have noticed that Hillary has also caught the "let's see how skinny I can get" disease. She has definitely slimed down a noticeable amount and I just hope that she doesn't get any thinner.

Teri Hatcher: The Desperate Housewife star has touted herself as being living proof that you don't have to be "blonde and 20" to make it in Hollywood. However, it seems she is sending another message to starlets that to be more successful, they have to be very thin. Hatcher admitted that if she wasn't an actress she wouldn't even walk into a gym and that she does feel pressure to look her absolute best. According to Dr. Lieberman as reported in Star Magazine, "All the cat fighting on and off set leads to competition. Perhaps to prove she deserves to be paid the most, she has to be the thinnest."

Nicole Kidman: Although she has always been tall and thin, it seems lately that Nicole is almost unhealthily-looking thin. Friends of the star say that she met with a trainer and nutritionist this summer to "add some healthy pounds" to her body. However, in my opinion, it looks like Nicole has a way to go (and should reconsider hiring a new trainer and nutritionist!!!) and could definitely benefit from about 5 to 7 more pounds to look healthier. The prominent bones across her chest and neck are a telling sign that she needs to gain some weight.

Renee Zellweger: We have all watched as the Bridget Jones star has had her ups and downs-in weight (and love too!). The drastic changes in her body fat and her overall weight can in no way be healthy and good for her body in the long run. I read in a magazine that while she was gaining weight for her role in Bridget Jones, as well as for the sequel, her diet consisted of Big Macs from McDonald's followed by pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in one sitting! For her sake, I hope that there are no more Bridget Jones movies or any other roles for Renee that would require her to pack on the pounds.

Kate Hudson: The Skeleton Key star is looking, well, skeletal! The normally curvy 26-year-old has seemed to have recently dropped at least 15 pounds from her 5'6" frame bringing her down to a bony 105 pounds! And to think that she just recently gave birth! The usually stylish starlet also seems to be hiding her body under baggy clothes, something that women with a distorted body image often do in an attempt to disguise what they perceive as an imperfect [fat] figure.

Mary-Kate Olsen: MK....oh MK! I really don't know what to say anymore about Mary-Kate Olsen. It seems that more than a year after "coming out" about her eating disorder and undergoing medical care for her illness, Mary-Kate looks NO DIFFERENT and appears to have made no progress. I mean come on now! Even though she tries to hide it under her excessively baggy and grunge-looking clothes, the girl is whittling away to nothing! One day she is just going to freakin disappear!


TomKat Jr.?!? Yes, apparently it is true. Katie Holmes is in fact pregnant with Tom Cruise's child. The couple recently came out of the closet with news that Katie is pregnant, however, no other information has been released regarding how far along she is. Also happening on the planet of TomKat: Wedding War?!? According to Star Magazine, tension is brewing as the two love birds tussle over some important wedding details. First up is where to have the wedding: USA vs. Mexico? Tom reportedly wants to have a ceremony at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angelos. "He is a die hard Scientologist," says an insider. "I think he wants Katie to be be a part of his belief system." Katie on the other hand, wants to have a wedding south of the border. An insider tells Star that Katie has her heart set on the Marona Resort and Spa, on Mexico's Yucatan Pennisula. Next item for discussion is Scientoloy vs. Catholicism. We all know, especially after watching that riveting interview with Matt Lauer, that Tom is a die hard Scientologist. Miss Holmes, while she has been to the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center with Tom, was raised Catholic and her parents, Martin, a lawyer, and Kathy, a homemaker, are both devout Catholics. According to Star Magazine, Martin is very skeptical about his future son-in-law's controversial faith. When asked by a reported what he thought of Scientology, he said, "I don't believe in it!" We all know how dedicated Katie is to her Tommy, already declaring that she will change her name to Kate Cruise. Personally, I am wondering what came first: the engagement or the pregnancy......or the engagement because of the pregnancy! Who knows! All I can say is that I have had just about enough of TomKat!!!!!

Lil' Kim headed to the BIG HOUSE?!? Yes, I shit you not! Rapper Lil' Kim will serve a year and one day in prison for perjury. And what does a celebrity rapper do the night before she heads to the big house?......throws herself a big bash of course!!! As reported in Star Magazine, the rapper, who's real name is Kimberly Jones, partied with 500 friends and sipped Cristal champagne into the early morning on September 19 at NYC nightclub PM with friends including singer Mary J. Blige and SNL funnyman Kenan Thompson. Later that morning she left for the tough Federal Detention Center in downtown Philadelphia.

Are Lindsay and Wilmar Back On?!? Apparently Lindsay Lohan hooked up with her ex-flame, Wilmer Valderama, at two Hollywood night clubs and later spent the night at his house. Although they split last November after Wilmer grew tired of Miss Lohan's "wild ways," on Friday September 23, old flames were rekindled as the pair made stops at club LAX and after-hours club Xenii, where they locked lips for some time in a reportedly "hot-and-steamy" make-out session. This is the first time the two have been seen liplocking since they split last fall.


Kirsten Dunst tried to do the right thing and call Kate Bosworth to explain that despite reports of flirting, she and Kate's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, are nothing more than friends. And Kate's response? She told Dunst that she could have him if she wanted him!

Apparently Charlie Sheen is wending his way back into estranged wife Denise Richards' heart-but not her bedroom yet! A friend of the couple told Star that Denise isn't ready to consummate their reconciliation. "There haven't been any sleep overs," says the insider, "but it's something Charlie is working toward."